Welcome in Giethoorn

Centrally situated, and only 200 meters from the Giethoornse Bovenwijde. Did you know that in no more than 15 minutes - by boat - you could be in one of the most beautiful natural areas in Europe?



There is also plenty to do for confirmed land-lubbers, with the centre of Giethoorn just a 10 minute walk away. In Giethoorn you can find beautifull nature, typical houses and farms, lovely canals and lots of small musea.

Starting point

Hotel De Kruumte provides a good starting point for visiting Giethoorn. You are welcome for just one event but you can also book one or more days at De Kruumte. Get an unforgettable impression of Giethoorn and start at De Kruumte.  
  • Hotel De Kruumte
  • Kerkweg 48a
  • 8355 BJ Giethoorn
  • tel: 0521-361517
  • fax: 0521-361880
  • info@dekruumte.com